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Impact Evaluation of United Nations Development Program/Myanmar's Microfinance Program in the Delta, Dry Zone and Shan State, Yangon, Myanmar 2012 [ Link ]

Lessons Learned Partnership for Food Security, Bati, Ethiopia (2005-2009), Prepared for CHF and CIDA, April 2009

Agricultural Cooperatives in Ethiopia (ACE) Program:  Final Evaluation, September 2005. [ Link ]

Strategic Plan for Uganda Beef Producers Association, Kampala, August 2005.

Report on the Final Evaluation for ADRA’s Project d’Augmentation des Resources Alimentaires de Siguiri (PADRAS) Program (FFP-A-00-00-00085-00), ADRA, March 2005 [ Link ]

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Report on Housing Credit for the Union of Rwanda Popular Banks, WOCCU, June 2003.

The Net Economic Cost of the Conflict in the Acholiland Sub-Region of Uganda, commissioned by Civil Society Organisations for Peace in Northern Uganda (CSOPNU), Kampala, September 2002

Potential Agricultural Market Opportunities and Enterprise Development for the Teso and Lango Regions, Uganda, June 2002.

Information and Communications Strategy for APIM/Mali (umbrella organization of microfinance institutions), Bamako, Mali, January 2002 (French). [ pdf Link ]

Best Practices in Farmer Organization Promotion and Support, Maputo, December 1999 for USAID. [ Link ]

Proposal for Conversion from Leasehold to Freehold Property in Guyana, Georgetown, July 1998 for Inter-American Development Bank.

Proposed Credit and Savings Component for USAID’s Natural Resources Management Project, Dakar, Senegal, May 1998 (French/English).

Income-Generating Activities in Fisheries Communities around Lake Malombe and southern Lake Malawi, Mangochi, Malawi, October 1995 for FAO (English).

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Case Study of Ex-Hacienda Caramarca in the Lower Cochabamba Valley, 1967 and 1973, Land Tenure Center Research Paper No. 66, June 1975.